White House Winning The Future Forum Boosts Cleveland Fashion Group International

The President and Cabinet members met at Cleveland State University on February 22 to hear directly from small business about ideas to expand the American economy and create jobs. The small group of Cleveland business leaders included entrepreneur, fashion designer and Cleveland FGI member Vanni Wang of Lucio Vanni LLC.

Ms. Wang was encouraged to see broad support by the President and his team for development of new technologies alongside traditional industries like clothing manufacturing. Wang said President Obama is committed to helping all businesses out-innovate, out-educate and out-build global competition and putting Americans back to work. Key cabinet members such as Commerce Secretary Gary Locke met with Wang and others to help Cleveland businesses develop foreign markets for American exports. Wang said American brands are highly respected internationally and her company Lucio Vanni produces high-fashion couture clothing and accessories for exclusive retailers both in the luxury domestic and export markets.

Fashion Group International Regional Director Marlene Kobzowicz said her organization is focused on supporting fashion design and manufacturing throughout the region. Many local fashion students and entrepreneurs have been inspired about the possibilities of revitalizing and bringing the craft of apparel manufacturing back to Cleveland.


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